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There are a lot of things to consider before adopting a dog, starting from the right one for you to where to adopt from. We are here to help you.

Choosing the perfect dog for you

Start by exploring various breeds, their levels, needs,.. you have to make sure that the dog you are planning on bringing home fits your lifestyle (perfectly). You can use one of many breed selectors you can find online, they will choose the right canine for you based on many factors like athleticism, appearance and more.

Where to adopt your dog

Once you decide on the type of dog you’re looking for. The search begins. There are many places where you can adopt a dog, which we site belo

  • Breeder: in case you are looking for a specific breed, and are willing to learn more about personality, health conditions etc. Your best option may be a reputable breeder since you will know exactly where your dog is from in addition to possibly meeting his parents and littermates
  • Shelters: If you want a purebred but don’t want to go through a breeder, shelters may be the option for you. You can be surprised by the amounts and variety of dogs available. Shelters host animals for various reasons and are usually managed by organizations dedicated to animal welfare or by a municipal. They offer a wide range of dogs, just waiting for a home and an owner who loves them.
  • Rescue organizations: Just like shelters, these organizations dedicate their effort to animal welfare. unlike shelters, they only care for a small number of animals via a small network of foster homes. Most of their staff volunteer to host one or more animals temporarly, which gives them time to learn a lot about the pet on many levels.

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