Do Cats Drink Water ?

Yes, they do and it is vital for then like it for us humans. although it is good for them, many felines don’t like drinking water, especially if it’s still or standing.

Do Kittens Drink Water ?

Kittens are restricted to their mother’s milk for four weeks until she weans them, but that doesn’t eliminate the necessity of water on their diet since after weaning, most kittens fail to digest milk sugar, water is left to be their primary hydration.

Why Proper Hydration is Important for Cats ?

Water is crucial to a lot of processes including circulation, digestion and regulates temperature. Maintaining the balance of electrolytes, specific minerals and fluids within the body are very important. So it’s evident why you should keep your cat hydrated.

You can try different methods of proving water to your cat, experiment and see what your pet likes.

Signs of Dehydration in Cats

If your cat ignores her water bowl, she risks dehydration. Signs of dehydration include

  • Dry mouth
  • Lethargy or depression
  • Panting
  • Loss of appetite
  • A decrease in skin elasticity
  •  in case your cat has any of these signs, call your vet. They will give your cat fluids, and guide you on how to prevent dehydration in the future.

Creative Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

Getting your cat to drink water can be troublesome sometimes. You can try the tips below to see what fits your pet.

  • Choose the Right Water Bowl: some cats find it annoying when their whiskers touch the bowl, so if hers is deep and narrow, you might want to consider changing it with a shallower dish with a smaller lip.
  • Place it in the Right Location: Cats prefer being able to see their surroundings with a quick peek, to make sure no one is sneaking upon them, that’s why you might reconsider separating his food bowl and his water bowl.
  • Keep it Fresh: the more the water sits the more dirt, dust, and hair it collects, making it less enticing. replace your cat’s water regularly to keep it fresh!
  • Try a Cat Water Fountain: many theories explain why felines love running water, one states that in nature still water is associated with contamination, so they instinctively lean toward running may also appeal to their senses, as they can experience its sound, see its motion which adds a taste difference. Your cat will be glad to have his fountain.
  • Add Wet Food to Her Diet: In case you tried all of the above, and your cat still abstains from drinking, try giving her some wet cat food. Even though wet food will certainly not replace water, but it will help increase her overall water intake, preventing dehydration.

Water is vital for a cat’s survival. Keeping your pet hydrated is a good way to keep her healthy and happy, in addition to playing games with her which you can find, ore info about in this article.

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