Advice for new cat owner

1- Create less change and more comfort

You can help your pet by keeping some consistency between homes. You can bring objects that have a familiar scent to your cat, a toy or a blanket maybe, as it can be reassuring. You also must keep using the same cat food, bit by bit until your new cat feels settled.

2- Give them a room of their own

If you have extra space available, give it to your cat as its better at first keep him away for other pets and people. Thus they can cozily explore a small space before getting accustomed to the larger house.

3- Slowly introduce the whole family

Once your cat feels home, introduce him to family members, one at the time.
You can give him a piece of a towel or a T-shirt, containing the smell of the member on it, that way he can recognize each person’s scent.

4- Teach your kids about cats

if it’s your first time having a cat in the house, prepare your children for the change. Teach them how the cat should be handled, be the example.
Use a relaxing tone and soft touch when handling the pet, and make sure your kids do the same.
Clarify that the cats don’t always feel comfortable while being hugged or squeezed, and remind them of the importance of being gentle with their new companion.

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