5 Games To Play With Your Cat

Cats are playful animals, playing with them enriches their life and strengthens the bond you share.
Here are some games we suggest:

1-Chase the prey

Drag a toy across the ground on a string, stopping now and then like a prey, you’re training your cat to stalk and pounce as he/she would do in the wilderness. It simulates her hunting instincts and improves her/his speed and agility. To keep your cat interested, hide the toy until playtime.

2-Catnip fun

stuffing a toy or ball with catnip can stimulate your cat’s interest in the toy. You can also purchase toys that already have it. Just bear in mind, catnip is not for all cats, some don’t like it.

3-Run and fetch

It may surprise that, but many cats love playing fetch. Put a bell inside a ball to get your cat’s attention, and toss it for him/her to chase. The ball’s motion mimics the prey’s unexpected movements, bringing up your pets hunter instincts.

4-Play with your food

Puzzle feeders and food distributor balls are toys that hide your pet’s food into a compartment inside, he can make it release a few pieces by rolling or pouncing on the toy. These toys help him manifest his desire to hunt and work for food. Don’t forget to count the food inside the puzzle feeders when calculating your cat’s daily allowances.

5-Go for a walk

it may seem weird to many people, but cats can be trained to walk on a leash, and they enjoy it .walking your cat is a great way for them to experience the outside world while staying safe from cars, other animals or simply getting lost .its a great practice both for you and your pet.

hopefully, these activities and games gave you some ideas for having more fun with your cat.

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