15 Things Dogs Hate about Humans

A dog is not only a living toy for you or your children but also your responsibility. Scientists have proven that our dogs do not always like it when we perform specific actions and only tolerate this because they value us very much.

We have prepared a checklist for you, which should not be done with your dog so that it feels happy and safe.

1. Hugging

During hugs, many dogs show a sign of stress or anxiety. The indicators of a stressful state are drooping ears, a sad look, closed eyes, a turned head to avoid eye contact with the hug. Therefore, the next time you decide to do this, look at the reaction of your pet.

2. Touching a Dog’s Face

You can notice that your dog backs up, turns away, and tries every possible way to avoid when you touch its face. Then stop doing it. In this way, it tells you about its displeasure. Moreover, it can begin to defend itself and bite.

3. To rush while walking

During the walk, the dog also explores the world around it and gets acquainted with it. It wants an active exercise in the fresh air with its beloved owner, which it may miss at home. Therefore, let it enjoy the walk and do not drive home after 5 minutes in the fresh air.

4. Imposing Friends

Everyone always wants to find dogs for a walk, among other pets. A dog is a social species, and it has its friends and enemies. Even the friendliest dog may not want to meet with any neighbor or stranger. Also, dogs cannot share your love for certain people. Forcing your dog to an uncomfortable situation with strangers is a bad idea.

5. Yelling and Harsh Punishment

Of course, it happens that there is no more strength to remain silent, but screaming won’t help you get anything from your dog. If you use a loud voice during training, the pet may simply confuse training and punishment. Therefore, if the dog did something wrong, think: maybe it was boring, or you missed a couple of training lessons. Instead of punishment, use educational conversation in a stern tone.

6. Kissing

Dogs do not like kissing. They especially hate it when they are pressed against their muzzle. A friendly dog ​​can bite if it feels that you have violated its personal space.

7. Dressing Them Up

In the cold, you need to take care that your pet does not get sick, and stock up on warm clothes. But do not buy all the dog outfits to match the color of your purse or coat. Indeed, thanks to the hair, the animal independently regulates the temperature of its body. And if you have already dressed a dog, then consider that it does not get stuck in clothes and does not overheat.

8. Strong Fragrances and smells

Dogs react to fragrance and smells very fast because they have a better sense of smell than humans. Therefore, if they feel that you smell something unpleasant, they will not feel comfortable with you. Especially dogs hate the smell of citrus fruits, alcohol, vinegar, or mothballs.

9. Being Left Alone

Never leave your dog alone for an extended period. Dogs are firmly attached to the owner, so separation is unbearable for them. Of course, it is impossible to be with a faithful dog 24 hours a day. From childhood, you need to teach your puppy to find entertainment on his own, so that the animal in your absence does not suffer from loneliness. You can leave the dog on the radio or TV hearing the sounds of a human voice; the dog will calm down.

10. Ignored

Dogs, like children, require attention and care. No special toys can replace communication with the owner. Of course, when you are not at home, the puppy can have fun with a rubber doll or a rubber ball, but in your presence, try to give him more time and importance.

11. Being Upset

Dogs can feel their owners. They are sad if their best friend is sad; they love when everyone around laughs and smiles. Try not to show your anxiety to pets, learn to control your own emotions.

12. Fireworks

Dogs hate firework launches. They hear four times louder than a person. That’s why they afraid when they hear the thunder or firework; it can cause panic in dogs.

13. Teasing them for their own fun

At first, the dog may perceive teasers as a game, but over time it will understand that this is not so. Teasing them for the sake of fun is something that the dogs hate the most. In this way, you can lose the trust of the dog, and subsequently, the master’s authority.

14. Tone of voice

According to the studies, dogs respond to the tone of a person’s voice. A happy and pleasant voice, please them. On the other hand, a low and angry voice makes them angry.

15. Allowing kids to climb on him

Dogs do not know that children are the flowers of life, and they need to be treated in a particular way. There are dog breeds (this mainly refers to service and fighting) that hate children and may be aggressive towards them.

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